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Couples therapy

Couples therapy

Do you experience challenges in your relationship?

Do you need help with communication?

Do you want to nurture your relationship? 

Have you experienced failure in the form of a breach of trust or infidelity?

Would you like to get the spark back?

Have you drifted apart?

Then couples therapy might be a good idea for you. It can be vulnerable to take the step, because it can seem strange to invite a stranger into something very intimate and/or feel like a failure, that you have landed in a place where you cannot handle the problems yourself. In my eyes, reaching out for help is one of the bravest things. I know that it is difficult - and therefore my main task is to create a safe space where I create the relationship that you want and long for and where you can both thrive.

I am particularly interested in the emotional aspect of your relationship and the bond between you. This is what I want to help you to restore so that you can become a team again. 

Methodologically I work from an emotion-focused approach (EFT), which is grounded in attachment theory. 

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It is not only the relationship that has indescribable value...

The couple relationship is far from the only relationship that deserves attention. 

Friendships, family relationships or other relationships are also worth bringing into the therapeutical space. The method, like couples therapy, will be grounded in the emotional (EFT) meaning that I will help you to restore the emotional bond between you. 

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Parterapiforløbet i praksis

Den første intensive del:

Vi starter med en parsamtale a cirka 90 min.

Vi starter med en parsamtale á 90 min. Formålet er at jeg lære jer at kende, og at I hjælper mig til at forstå, hvad I gerne vil have hjælp til. 

Herefter deler vi op, forstået på den måde, at vi har to individuelle samtaler á 60 min. Her spørger jeg ind til jer som individer for bedre at kunne forstå parforholdsdynamikken. Det er også et rum, hvor der er plads til at tale med mig uden, at ens partner lytter med. 

Efter de individuelle samtaler har vi en parsamtale á 90 min. igen, hvor vi arbejder med den problemstilling, I har taget op. 

I denne intensive del vil vi gerne holde momentum og derfor lægge de fire samtaler inden for en kort tidsramme, f.eks. inden for to uger. Det kan endda også være én dag. 


Herefter fortsætter vi med parsamtaler á 90 min. Det, gør vi, fordi det, der er blevet brudt i relationer, skal heles i relationer. Disse samtaler lægger vi efter behov, både ift. tidsinterval og antallet af samtaler.  

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Relationship course

Would you like more tools as a couple?

Do you have a good relationship, but would you like to nurture it and strengthen trust, intimacy and attraction?

Do you not need therapy but a desire to develop as a couple?

Then the relationship course Hold Me Tight may be something for you. The course consists of either 2-3 full days or over 8 evenings. It can be customized as needed. It can also be done together with other couples and thus reduce the price. You are more than welcome to contact me to hear more. 

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"Emotion organizes the dancer and the dance"

Sue Johnson

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