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Individual therapy

Do you need someone to talk to?
Do you have problems with self-esteem?
Do you experience depression, lack of motivation? 
Do you experience restlessness and restlessness?
Do you dream of a better life?
Do you feel stuck in your current situation?
Do you feel that your thoughts and/or emotions are out of control?

I have experience in therapy with both adults and young people with many different challenges, i.e. from trauma, eating disorders, relational problems, problems with self-esteem, grief, personality disorders, OCD, depression, anxiety, stress etc.

Common to all challenges is that there is a person behind them who deserves respect and to be met exactly where they are - where you are. It is more important to me who you are and what the issue means to you than what you bring. There is nothing too small or too big for us to talk about. 

Methodologically, I work particularly psychodynamically with individual therapy, but I am also inspired by CBT, narrative therapy, EFT, Compassion-focused therapy and ACT. 

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